Forward Line Sweeps Morpeth Past Sunderland

Goals from Mooney, Ray and Greenbeck keep Peth ahead while Read stands tall at the back to ensure the boys in green stay top of the league.

Morpeth Men’s 1’s hosted Sunderland Men’s 1’s on Saturday, the duel scheduled for the customary noon start. Both teams coming off the back of a decent little run of form, something had to give. The pre-match think tank highlighted some simple concepts and principles the boys wanted to utilise throughout the tussle.

The game started and the teams jousted for superiority with neither really able to claim it. Rather disappointingly the chances falling to Sunderland though were thanks to a couple of individual nightmare moments from some members of the defence……. well when we say some, we mean one!! Thankfully Mr Sam Read was on form, after his first appearance of the season at training, to thwart the Sunderland attempts at goal.

Meanwhile, as Morpeth built the play forwards they were starting to string passes together and carve some opportunities for themselves and took the lead through Charlie Greenbeck prior to the half time break. One up and plans to extend the lead going into the second half!!

Unfortunately, almost immediately, the pre match principles and concepts, were abandoned again and Sunderland were handed a short corner in the melee, which they converted. 1-1 and now Morpeth’s task was made a little harder against an opponent with some decent players…. a team with their tail up! Morpeth went again and started to apply some pressure earning a short corner, converted by Will Mooney. Whilst the battle continued, Morpeth had their noses ahead and despite not really operating at the level they’re collectively capable of, they weren’t in the mood for capitulation.

Some more timely interventions fromMoM Sam Read epitomised this desire. As the game drew to a close Nat Ray closed the deal for Morpeth, in a super hero style, pouncing on a through ball and placing it in the top left corner as the keeper attempted to rush him.
3-1 win, 3pts, weathered the Sunderland storm and the crusade continues.


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