Greenbeck screamer secures points for Peth

Peth do the double over Redcar will Greenbeck’s reverse strike into the roof of the net the pick of the goals.

The date was the 2nd of December, a day in which, so tragically, the second Eddystone Lighthouse on Eddystone Rocks burned down 260 years ago. It was a surprisingly warm Saturday morning at Fortress Longhirst with a distinct lack of frost on the pitch and feelings of anticipation and excitement in the air.

Morpeth were going into the game with expectations of a win, being top of the table, as opposed to Redcar’s bottom table position, however they knew that it would be a tough game especially with a big name player like Will Mooney missing. With previous knowledge of Redcar’s defensive positioning, Morpeth knew that penetrating the D and getting a clean shot away would be difficult, so changes had to be made to normal attacking plays. This did not impede on their attacking mind set however, resulting in a short corner in the early stages of the game. This gave top scorer, and defensive mastermind, Tony ‘Choney’ Cook the perfect layup for a clinical side netting finish from the top of the D. Half time was called, and Bruce McPate’s grit filled team talk kicked everybody into gear as more goals were sure to grace the turf of the fortress in the second half.

The second half commenced and things were slow to get restarted from both teams however the second goal came roughly 10 minutes after the restart. Charlie Greenbeck receiving the ball on the edge of the D, taking it onto his reverse and placing the ball in the roof of the net, standing the keeper on the spot. 2 nil to Morpeth and it was another attacking play from Charlie Greenbeck and Tom Hewson which brought Morpeth’s 3rd goal, with Charlie bringing 3 players away from the D giving a through pass to Tom Hewson for a one on one chance with keeper. Tom kept his cool and placed the ball in the bottom left corner, past the keeper – very promising from young Hewson, scoring in only his second run out for the first team this season.

The fourth then came soon after, with a ball across the face of the D from Jamie Macdonald finding Tom Hewson’s stick for a deflection in, and Tom’s second of the game. Morpeth slipped up however, or should I say Charlie Greenbeck slipped up, as in a momentary lapse during a failed substitution Charlie challenged for the ball after being within 5 metres of a free hit within Morpeth’s 23 awarding Redcar a short corner. Redcar did not squander the chance, opting for a straight strike from the top of D, placing the ball in the bottom right corner past the outstretched goalkeeper Paul Finch and defender on the post.

The game came to a close at 4-1, with Morpeth victorious, however somewhat wanting more from the match, hoping that form will keep up for the bigger matches soon approaching in the season. Tom Hewson was awarded man of the match for his strong performance all round in the forward line, and achieving two goals. DOD however was awarded to Charlie Greenbeck for his needless foul, given away in their own 23 and subsequently gifting Redcar a short corner and their only goal.

Next up is for the Mighty Peth is a top half of the table clash with the impressive Newcastle Uni 2s.


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